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In 2007, it was estimated that 29.9 million people played fantasy sports within the United States.

The Numbers: Just who is playing fantasy Sports?

  1. 86% will be playing in 10 years
  1. Most manage 6 teams in various sports
  1. Spenders with high amounts of disposable income
  1. More than 40% operate their fantasy sports in a two-screen environment (laptop and TV)
  1. Spend an average of $467.60 per year playing fantasy sports
  1. 55% report watching more sports on TV since they started playing fantasy sports
  1. Fantasy sports players say that playing makes watching professional sports more fun
  1. 60% know the other participants in their leagues and they lived within 150 miles of each other.
  1. 40% say fantasy sport participation increases the camaraderie among employees in their workplace
  1. 36% say fantasy sports participation is a positive influence in their workplace
  1. 16% say fantasy sports participation has allowed them to make valuable business contacts
  1. 30% say they have made friends at work due to fantasy sports
  1. 51% play in a NCAA tournament bracket contest at their workplace

"How many people do this? ... Every year? ... No Way."

In 2007, it was estimated that 29.9 million people played fantasy sports within the United States. It is an industry that impacts the sports world by 3 to 4 billion dollars a year and is one of the fastest growing niche markets in the United States. Every year, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey fans flock to their computers, form leagues, and invite their friends to join them. Some employers even encourage fantasy sports at the workplace.

There are a few problems with the old fantasy sports model though. For instance, players who want to make money at the game have to pay big money for entry fees, real-time stats, trades, and other add-ons. If players don’t want to pay these fees, they can still participate, but only in watered-down leagues with little to no features.

FSA is different though. For much less than the average players pays ever year, an FSA player gets access to every sport, and every game style offered. Additionally, every week the top 100 players will receive big payouts based on total company revenue. The end result: our players pay less money for more games, and bigger winnings.

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