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When the founders of Fantasy Sports Agency were discussing how to get the word out about their company, and network marketing was brought up, it instantly just clicked.  When people join a fantasy sports league, they naturally bring their friends.  The founders of FSA combined this idea with their contacts in the professional sports world, and the industry was changed forever.

But network marketing?  Really?  Do people really want to be involved with network marketing?  The answer is an absolute "Yes", and here’s why.  There is no other business structure that can offer such unlimited income potential, to so many people, in such a short period of time.  It just isn’t out there.  So why the negative stigma about network marketing?  In the past, these companies typically have focused on health and wellness, coming from exotic fruits and roots that nobody has ever heard about.  So not only would distributors have to convince their friends to get together after work to talk about health, they would also have to educate them on what ever the newest "super food" was, and how it would make them feel better.  It was awkward and uncomfortable for everybody.

FSA is entirely different in that aspect.  How many people get together with their friends to talk sports?  How many send emails out inviting their buddies to join a league?  How many times does fantasy sports come up in normal conversation?  It happens all the time.  By using a network marketing business model, FSA is able to pay its users not just for winning games, but also for bringing along their friends, which they would do normally.  Like we said earlier, it instantly just clicked.

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New updates coming soon
Great new updates coming soon with FSAgent. We have the PGA Tour Pick One and Done game finalized, and we will be loading in data over the following months.
Updated on 2010-06-01 22:48:46

FSA Has just launched!
We have some great new opportunities, systems and games coming soon! Stay in tune with and check back often for updates and new information!
Updated on 2010-06-01 22:41:40

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Forty years and it finally happened! Getting paid to play internet fantasy sports games. I couldn't ask for more! I've shared it with some of m...
Jim G. United States

I LOVE FSA! It's the best system I've had the pleasure of dealing with! To have a system where I can earn a recurring income with one of the most powe...
Zach B United States

New testimonials and great new games coming soon!
Dan P United States